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The AISTS officially extended its partnership with Tsukuba International Academy for Sport Studies (TIAS) until 2020. 

At an official signing ceremony held at the University of Geneva in Switzerland, the AISTS and the TIAS extended their agreement to work together and strengthened their commitment to educate high level sports managers worldwide. Dr Claude Stricker, AISTS Executive Director, Prof Jacques de Werra, AISTS Vice-President and Vice-rector of the University of Geneva, Prof Yoshio Takahashi, Tsukuba University, Associate Professor in Business Administration of Sport Organisations and TIAS Director of Sport Management and Mr Takuya Tsukamoto, TIAS Director of Marketing & Communications were all present at the ceremony, as well as AISTS Head of Projects, Geert Hendriks.  

The AISTS has been delivering tailored education at the Tsukuba University in Japan for three years now, as part of the Tokyo 2020 ‘Sport for Tomorrow’ programme. The ‘Sport for Tomorrow’ program, led by the Japanese government, is designed to promote the Olympic Movement around the globe, which included the creation of the TIAS in 2014. The AISTS has delivered 6 seminars for the TIAS, specifically focusing on events management (AISTS SEMOS™) and the finance and economics of sport. 

The AISTS SEMOS™ Open Module (Sports Event Management and Organisation Seminar) was first launched in 2001 and has been held annually in Lausanne, Switzerland ever since.  It was held for the first time with TIAS in Japan during October 2014 and since then has been delivered to 120 international participants.  The AISTS will continue with this module along with the ‘Business of Sport’ module for another 3 years. 

“With the mission to deliver higher education, research and expertise to the world of sport, the AISTS is very pleased to extend its partnership with the Tsukuba University and TIAS and continue to educate high level sports managers worldwide – Dr. Claude Stricker, AISTS Executive Director”

At the official ceremony Prof Jacques de Werra thanked TIAS for this continued partnership and emphasised the importance of the collaboration and this was reiterated by Mr Geert Hendriks, AISTS Head of Projects.  Geert also spoke of the history over the past 3 years with TIAS and how it began with an idea of sharing knowledge, on the eve of the official Tokyo 2020 announcement. Through the AISTS SEMOS™ and Business of Sport modules, 32 expert speakers from the IOC, IPC, World Rugby, NHL and more, including AISTS alumni, have travelled to Tokyo to share their expert knowledge with the TIAS participants.  Dr Claude Stricker concluded the ceremony and emphasised the need to continue to look at sport from a multidiscipline approach and further encouraged future exchanges between AISTS and TIAS.   

The final edition of the AISTS SEMOS™ Open Module for this contract period will take place at the University of Tsukuba just two months before the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games commence. 

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