With countries across the world still in lockdown, isolation or practising social distancing, AISTS alumni have been keeping busy and sharing their knowledge with the world.

Here, we share some of the highlights.

The joys of mountaineering with 2012 alumni Carolina Hesse-Ahumada

Carolina graduated from AISTS in 2012 and now works at the International Olympic Committee as Athlete365 Career and Project Manager.⁠ She teamed up with co-working community SportWorks to share her love of mountaineering and the impact of The 2010 Columbian ‘No Limits’ expedition.

“I am grateful for mountaineering – still my favourite sport – for making me aware of what is really essential, for teaching me how to face challenges and steep climbs, for keeping me strong,”Carolina Hesse-Ahumada.⁠

2009 alumni Li Neo Tay shares her experience as an IOC consultant

2009 AISTS alumni Li Neo Tay, is the co-founder of IGNITX. During COVID-19, they launched IGNITX Showcases, a series discussing various aspects of the sports events business.

The series premiered with the story of Li Neo, currently an International Olympic Committee (IOC) Consultant with over 10 years of experience working in the international scene of multi-sport events.

She is one of the few Malaysians in this line of work and has been part of the Organising Committees of the Winter Olympic Games, Summer and Winter Youth Olympic Games, Summer Universiade, European Youth Olympic Festivals and ANOC World Beach Games across 10 different countries.

Breath techniques with 2008 alumni and yoga school co-founder Gurdeepak Singh

Gudeepak graduated in 2008 and is now the co-founder of successful yoga business Aroga Yoga here in Switzerland.

In this video, he talks through the potential benefits of Bhramari breathing. Bhramari is a Sanskrit word which means ‘like a bumble bee’ and the technique could prove helpful during COVID-19.

Badminton Europe and 2010 alumni Tania Teoh shares advice in webinar series

2010 AISTS alumni Tania Teoh joined the Malaysian Olympism in Action Community webinar series to speak about her experience as a volunteer in Beijing 2008 and how sport and Olympism has shaped her life.

Currently, Tania is the Badminton Europe Confederation Development & High-Performance Manager. She also shared stories about how she is adapting to the COVID-19 situation.

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