Lukas Brawand at the Universiade in Lucerne 2021.
Lukas Brawand, AISTS class of 2020

AISTS class of 2020, Lukas Brawand, was recently interviewed by Lucerne 2021 Universiade, where he hopes to volunteer next year. Read the full interview in English below and discover more about volunteering a the Universiade.

Lukas Brawand took part as a volunteer at the Youth Olympic Games 2020 in Lausanne. The former ski racer from the Sportmittelschule Engelberg is currently completing the AISTS (International Academy of Sport Science and Technology) master’s programme in Lausanne and has thus joined the sports team at the Alpine Ski races in Les Diablerets. In this interview, the 25-year-old Lucerne native tells us why he has registered as a volunteer and why it would be “the greatest” experience to take part in the Lucerne 2021 Winter Universiade. 

What was your task at the Youth Olympic Games 2020? 

I was part of the sports team. We were responsible for preparing the slopes. This included everything, from fixing the gates to tensioning the safety nets to final preparation as a slider. I spent the main part of my work in the “slide group”. As a so-called “slider”, you make sure that every athlete has the same conditions on the slope. This was sometimes a challenge because the slope was extremely icy – similar to a World Cup race. But the best part of the job: I was able to follow the races very closely. 

Why did you apply as a volunteer for Lausanne 2020? 

My university (AISTS) was an institutional partner of Lausanne 2020 and to gain experience at this unique event, all students were assigned as volunteers. As a former ski racer, I was eager to take part in the ski races and take a job there. As a sports enthusiast and as a student in Lausanne, I did not want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

Did you get in touch with the athletes? 

Yes, regularly. I was in contact with the athletes and the coaching staff. As a volunteer, I was always in the middle of the action. I took the same gondola as the athletes and stayed at the same places. That’s how I always got into a conversation with them. I even knew a few coaches from my time as an active ski racer. However, on race days, the athletes need their privacy. 

What was the most special experience during Lausanne 2020? 

One day, out of the blue, the gondola stopped. Imagine! Nobody expected that. A new cable car breaks down exactly on a race day. The athletes had to be brought up the mountain by alternative vehicles. In order to solve the problem, everyone had to work hand in hand. This was a very impressive experience. 

What advantages did a volunteer have in comparison to a spectator? 

There are many. As a volunteer, you experience the competitions closer than the spec-tators. While preparing the slopes and also during the race when skiers race past you – you can’t follow a competition any closer than a volunteer. 

Would you like to volunteer again at the Lucerne 2021 Winter Universiade? 

If my professional future allows it, I will be there. It would be an unique opportunity to experience such a one-time event right in front of my doorstep. I have followed numerous Winter Universiades in the past since I am a member of the Swiss Academic Ski Club. It would be the greatest thing to be at the Lucerne 2021 Winter Universiade. If I can’t participate as a volunteer, then for sure I’ll be there to cheer as a spectator. 

Why would you recommend being a volunteer at the Lucerne 2021 Winter Univer-siade? 

Because it gives you a 360-degree view of the event. A volunteer is in the middle of the action and experiences the unique dynamics at firsthand. You also get in touch with volunteers from different nations and experience the diversity of different countries. I recommend it to everyone to become part of this unforgettable experience. 

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