Collected Insights from the Field of Sport, Volume 1, Football and Society

Whatever the news, football is widely followed and players have achieved almost religion status in many countries. Although the game itself is quite simple, its organisation, fan base and management have become very complex and as such the game is well developed, well promoted and well funded compared with other major sports. Football brings nations together but also divide. On one hand, issues related to hooliganism, racism, homophobia, gambling, violence and corruption within its management easily overshadow the game of football. On the other hand, football clubs are places where young people gather and partake in sports activities that are rewarding physically and mentally as well as foster social equity and the inclusion of minority groups.
This book is the first in its kind from the International Academy of Sports Science and Technology (AISTS) and provides practical insights in several aspects of the management of football. It does not provide a total solution to the many problems within the game but it aims to be a showcase of what can be achieved with the cooperation of academics and higher education participants.
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