About the AISTS MSA Programme

What is the AISTS MSA?

The AISTS MSA (Master of Sports Administration) is a unique 14 months international postgraduate programme in sports management, endorsed by the International Olympic Committee, and located in Lausanne, Switzerland.

According to the Bologna Education System, the AISTS MSA is a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS). MAS programmes target meeting the needs of working professionals and as such fall in the category of continuing education or professional development.

The AISTS MSA’s full denomination is Master of Advanced Studies in Sport Administration and Technology.

What makes the AISTS MSA degree unique?

  • The strong connection with the Olympic Movement having the International Olympic Committee, which is also a founding member of the AISTS and International Sport Federations lecture in class creates a deep understanding and appreciation of the Olympic Movement and Values

  • The location of Lausanne, as Olympic Capital, with its high concentration of International Federations, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) and international sporting events like Athletissima provides the ideal setting to study sports management

  • The academic weight of having three prestigious universities co-sign the degree namely the EPFL, University of Geneva and University of Lausanne.

  • The multi-disciplinary approach provides individuals a 360° view of sport management with a wide range of topics covered namely Management, Law, Sociology, Technology and Medicine

  • The rich network of over 120 lecturers and speakers consisting of approximately 50% academics and 50% practitioners brings theory and practice together providing a complete perspective of sports management

Who is the AISTS MSA for?

Previous AISTS MSA participant profile brochures:

The AISTS MSA is targeted at candidates who have a university degree and previous work experience but wish to re-orientate their career in the sports industry.

Experience in the sports industry is therefore not a prerequisite but experiences related to sport is a plus, ie, athlete, volunteer, member of sport event organising committee,  member of club’s committee, journalism in sport, coaching etc.

International level athletes who participated in world championships, Olympic Games, etc. are also welcome to the programme.

A dedicated scholarship is also offered to such athletes (see AISTS Athlete Scholarship).

To ensure a personalised, interactive environment, the programme is limited to 30-40 students.

What is the outline of the AISTS MSA programme?

Held in Lausanne, the Olympic Capital, participants are trained by experts in sport and academics, in the following multidisciplinary fields applied directly to sport: Management & Economics, Technology, Law, Sociology, and Medicine.
This sports management education programme includes 8 months in the classroom (lectures, case studies, activities and field trips), 2 months of work experience in the sports industry, with the rest of the time spent on a team project and research paper.
  • End of September – June: Lectures and Course Assignments, Written Exams & Team Project (must be completed in Lausanne) - Full-time.
  • January – August: Research Paper
  • August – December (of the following year): At least 8 weeks of work experience

  • December (of the following year): Graduation Ceremony

The Master of Advanced Studies is not to be confused with the Bologna Master. The AISTS MSA is a continuing education degree, similar to an MBA that is typically taken in addition to a Bologna Master. In lieu of the prerequisite Bologna Master’s degree, the programme may accept students with a 3 year undergraduate degree (Bologna Bachelor degree), if they have years of work experience. 

Which academic institutions sign the AISTS MSA degree?

The AISTS MSA is a one year full time postgraduate programme which is delivered in Lausanne, the Olympic Capital, Switzerland.

It is organised by AISTS on behalf of some of the best academic and technology institutes of Switzerland who co-sign the degree:

  • EPFL 
  • UNIL (University of Lausanne)
  • UNIGE (University of Geneva) 

Co-signing Universities in International Rankings 

EPFL (Source)

  • Rank #1: Times Higher Education’s world #1 ranking of the most international universities & #12 in the category Engineering & Technology (2014-2015)
  • Rank #1: Best campus worldwide among universities younger than 50 years old. (Times Higher Education 2015, 2016)
  • Top 20: Ranked in the overall top 20 universities and the top 10 in the field of Engineering and Technology (2014 QS – World Academic Rankings)


Top 150 best universities in the world (Source)

  • 105th 2014 World University Rankings
  • 136th 2014 Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings

Financial Times Ranking (Source)

  • UNIL’s Master in Management ranked 26th  in the 2014 Financial Times Rankings of Masters in Management programmes


Top 100 best universities in the world (Source)

  • 66th 2014 Shanghai Ranking
  • 85th 2014 QS – World University Rankings

The AISTS MSA lectures take place on the EPFL Campus.

AISTS MSA Syllabus Overview

Download the AISTS MSA Syllabus Summary

Management & Business

  • MGT 100 - Strategic Management of Sport Organisations

  • MGT 200 - Accounting and Finance Fundamentals

  • MGT 300 - Business Strategy in Sport

  • MGT 400 - Sports Marketing and Sponsorship

  • MGT 500 - Digital Marketing of Sport

  • MGT 600 - Media Relations and Communication in Sport

  • MGT 700 - Business of Football

  • MGT 800 - Organisational Behavior and Leadership


  • MED 100 - Sport Medicine Project
  • MED 200 - Managing Health

  • MED 300 - Managing Performance

  • MED 400 - Managing Injuries and Illness


  • SOC 100 - Generic Fundamentals of the Sociology of Sport 

  • SOC 200 - Sport and Globalisation

  • SOC 300 - Sport in Consumer Culture


  • TEC 100 - Sport Technology Project
  • TEC 200 - Sport Technology Fundamentals

  • TEC 300 - Materials and Equipment for Sport

  • TEC 400 - Information and Communication Technologies in Sport

  • TEC 500 - Sport Infrastructure 


  • LAW 100 - Legal Entities in Sport

  • LAW 200 - Contracts in Sport

  • LAW 300 - Liabilities in Sport

  • LAW 400 - Settlement of Conflicts in Sport 
  • LAW 500 - Special Topics in Sport 

Transdisciplinary Topics

  • TRANS 100 - International Sports Federations and Organisations

  • TRANS 200 - SEMOS (Sport Event Management and Organisation Seminar)

  • TRANS 300 - Sports Venue Management 

  • TRANS 400 - Swiss Sports System

  • TRANS 500 - Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility

  • TRANS 600 - Athlete Career Development

  • TRANS 700 - Sport Analytics 

  • TRANS 800 - Business of Tourism and Sports: Searching for Common Grounds 

  • TRANS 900 - Business of Motorsports

  • TRANS 1000 - Sport Entrepreneurship

  • TRANS 1100 - Health and Anti-Doping

Career & Leadership

  • CAR 100 - Networking Skills

  • CAR 200 - Career Strategy Development 

  • CAR 300 - Intercultural Skills

  • CAR 400 - Strategic Thinking Skills

  • CAR 500 - Communication Skills

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